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Group Introduction Hong Kong listed company (hk00931) with the purpose of controlling haze and improving environment. We are committed to promoting the application of clean energy - natural gas in mainland China. The company is located in the whole industrial chain of LNG, building a new mode of LNG Company that integrates online trading (trading platform, logistics platform, Internet of things platform), offline service (LNG production / import facilities, logistics system, terminal utilization system). ...

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The warm sun shines in winter, and the good news of

On January 6, the interconnection project of LNG storage, distribution and peak shaving center in southeast Hubei of China National Gas Corporation and natural gas pipeline in Hubei Province was comple...

Hand in hand to fight against the disaster, rush to

Hand in hand to fight against the disaster, rush to help Henan Since July 20, Henan has experienced extreme heavy rainfall, which is rare in history. Heavy rains or heavy rains have occurred in most ar...

Strengthen the sense of crisis, strengthen the conc

Strengthen the sense of crisis, strengthen the concept of emergency, build a safe enterprise ---Group technical security center In order to deeply learn the lessons from the 6.13 gas explosion accident...

"Beautiful town, green first" the foundation la

At 10:00 am on April 28, 2021, China Natural Gas Corporation (HK. 00931) The foundation laying ceremony of natural gas clean energy comprehensive utilization project in Shaoyang County, With the strong...

High new empowerment, create brilliance together!

Heavy weight! High and new empowerment, create brilliance together Signing ceremony of key projects of Zhuhai hi tech Zone in 2021 Successfully held in science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Hall...

Good news! Good news! Chenxiang town natural gas cu

Celebration of China National Natural Gas Group Guangshui Chenxiang town natural gas customer service center grand opening!! (The picture shows the opening scene of Chenxiang natural gas service cent...

Gas in China's people's livelihood!!

On December 19, 2020, the LNG tanks transported from Huanggang, Hubei Province to Guangshui city will arrive at the destination, Shuanggang CNG filling station of Zhonghuan gas company in Guangshui Cit...

In 2020, the mobile observation group of Guangshui

Focus on the energy industry chain and start a new upsurge of project construction. In 2020, Guangshui city will spare no effort to grasp the projects, work hard and quickly to promote development, and...