Development direction

China's natural gas group has joined forces to jointly promote China's "liquefied natural gas revolution". According to the objective law of the whole industrial chain and life cycle development of LNG, we will strive to build an intelligent integrated LNG service platform for online sales and offline distribution, and provide China's solutions for the formation of the national "one game" market pattern.
The LNG intelligent integrated service platform adopts the online and offline combination mode, builds the intelligent logistics management system online, builds the LNG express platform, integrates the offline liquefaction processing, storage emergency, multimodal transport, regional clean energy supply center and so on, transforms the special bulk commodities into ordinary commodity retail, achieves better service through "one tank to the end" and "one vote system" Until the price is lower. At the same time, we will establish multi-level gas source points to truly solve the "last kilometer" distribution problem criticized by users, comprehensively cover the construction of LNG production, supply, storage and marketing system, and help break the bottleneck of LNG Development in China.