Tuesday, August 14 industry news sharing

2019-12-12 17:35 中国天然气集团
Tuesday, August 14 industry news sharing
Domestic information:
1. PetroChina may suspend its purchase of us LNG in winter heating season, Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter as saying. Under the plan, PetroChina will increase spot purchases in other countries.
2. China Russia Yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project located in the Arctic circle completed the first shipment of LNG for the second production line in the port of sabetta, Yamal Nenets autonomous region, Russia on September 9, with a shipment volume of 170000 cubic meters.
3. On August 9, when participating in the activity of "entering Guangdong LNG media open day of CNOOC", it was learned that CNOOC has established a complete natural gas industry chain in Guangdong, providing a strong guarantee for Guangdong's energy supply and transformation, and winning the "blue sky defense war".
4. As of August 6, yakla condensate field, the largest condensate gas field of Sinopec, has provided 6.42 billion cubic meters of gas for people's livelihood and industry through pipeline transportation since it was officially developed in 2005.
International Information:
1. According to the research results released by the Australian think tank recently, although China's aid to the South Pacific region is only 1 / 5 in place, it is already the second largest aid country in the region, which refers to "Papua New Guinea is the main beneficiary". The Wall Street Journal, the US media, followed up and reported on China's aid in PNG. On August 11, the Wall Street Journal published an article, "this Pacific country's natural gas resources are no longer brilliant, China will lend a helping hand.".
2. According to the official statistics, 70% of the natural gas in the EU is dependent on import. At present, Russia is still the largest natural gas supplier in Europe, accounting for 39% of the import. Since the signing of an agreement between Europe and the United States to buy more liquefied natural gas from the United States, the volume of European imports from the United States will change greatly.
3. International oil prices fell on the 13th. Crude oil stocks in Cushing, Oklahoma, the main delivery location for New York crude oil futures, rose 1.7 million barrels in the week to August 10, exceeding market expectations, according to reports. The data weighed on oil prices that day. Light crude oil futures for September delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange ended the day down $0.43, or 0.64%, to $67.20 a barrel. London Brent crude oil futures for October delivery fell $0.20, or 0.27%, to $72.61 a barrel.
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