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2019-12-12 16:31 中国天然气集团
      In the beautiful season of all things competing, China National Gas Corporation (00931. HK) held its three-day financial year 2018 summing up meeting in the beautiful Kempinski Hotel on the Golden Rooster Lake in Suzhou. The theme of the 2018 financial year wrap up meeting is "dare to explore, dare to practice, innovate and develop, dare to be the first". More than 160 middle-level and above leaders of the group participated in the meeting.
       At 4:00 p.m. on May 9, after a two-day meeting of the company's management, we jointly ushered in the group's 2018 financial year award and thank you party. The internal leaders and senior external political and enterprise guests of CNG gathered together to participate in the ceremony. The external guests present at the party were: Zhang Yuqing, former deputy director of the national energy administration; Yuan Xiqing, former director of the national development and Reform Commission; Xie Manying, former deputy director of the water transport bureau of the Ministry of transport; Guo Jiaofeng, researcher and deputy director of the Institute of resources and environmental policy of the development research center of the State Council; Ji Yongbo, director of the ship transport technology research center of the Academy of water sciences of the Ministry of transport; sun Guoqing, director of the transportation center Li Kun, assistant researcher of ship center; researcher of standard and quota Research Institute of Ministry of housing and urban rural development; relevant expert of China Petroleum Planning Institute; Yin zheqiang, member of Standing Committee of Lianyungang Municipal Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of economic and Technological Development Zone, Cao hongqiu, deputy director of management Committee, Yang Yong, deputy director of safety of CNOOC, Hao Yunfeng, general manager of equity department, Wang general manager of trading company Si, Ji Yuanqi, general manager of marketing department, Yu Qiang, general manager of Zhejiang sales branch, Yan Qun, general manager of Jiangsu sales branch, Jiang Yinxian, director of LNG recommendation Office of local maritime bureau of Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation, Luo Xiaofeng, director of Wuhan Institute of specifications of China Classification Society, Xu Jianyong, director of specifications and Regulations Department, Zhou Guoqiang, director of Jiangsu Hongyun Green Energy Co., Ltd Changhong Haizhi, Gefeng of Jiangsu Port Group, Wei Jingyuan, CEO of Shenzhen miaoga mobile Internet Technology Co., Ltd., etc.
       Hao Yunfeng, general manager of the equity Department of CNOOC, as a guest representative, said in his speech at the party: due to the busy affairs of the group's senior leaders, it is regrettable that he could not attend the annual meeting in person. On this occasion, on behalf of CNOOC, he would like to extend his warmest congratulations to China National Gas Corporation on its gratifying achievements in fiscal year 2018. He would like to express his heartfelt thanks to China National Gas Corporation for its outstanding contribution to the pilot operation and development of large-scale "south to North" LNG transportation in 2018. He would also like to express his sincere thanks to the board of directors, senior management and all employees of the group Best regards. Secondly, he mentioned the recent business development of Shanghai Ganghai Energy Co., Ltd., a joint venture between the two sides. He believed that with the full support of CNOOC and the joint efforts of all employees of Ganghai energy, CNG would surely create a better and more brilliant 2019.
        Zhang Yuqing, former deputy director of the national energy administration, gave a 20 minute keynote speech for the party, analyzed the world and China's natural gas supply and demand situation, and shared his valuable experience and views in the natural gas industry over the years.
The final piece of the dinner is the award ceremony.
       Ningbo ganglin company, a subsidiary of the group, has won the profit outstanding team award for the second time. 2018 is the first year of the integration of goods and trade in East China. By the end of March 2019, Ningbo ganglin company has achieved steady growth in net profit. At the same time, they have implemented the development goal of "terminal is king" of the group, and both ends of terminal trade have been carried out simultaneously, which has successfully completed various business indicators. Jin Bo, general manager of Ningbo ganglin company, said that in 2019, he will continue to shoulder the task of steadily moving forward in East China, strive to develop high-quality resources, twist into a rope, and strive to achieve higher new goals. Dr. Jian Zhijian, chairman of the board of directors of the group, took the stage to present them with trophies and bonuses.
       The award also includes the annual major project breakthrough award, which was awarded by Hubei Jinsheng company. The Southeast Hubei LNG storage, distribution and peak shaving center of Hubei Jinsheng company started construction on July 31, 2018. The first phase of the project was completed and put into operation successfully in November of the same year. It has the functions of Dewar bottle filling and storage, distribution and peak shaving. The daily tank car turnover capacity is up to 200 tons, the bottle group filling is 200 kilometers around the perimeter, and the urban pipe network is replenished with 240000 m3 / day gas to protect people in Huanggang City and surrounding areas of Hubei Province Gas production provides strong support. Leaders of the company presented awards to them.

       Both the award of excellent collection rate and the award of best growth of the year were awarded by the Hebei Company of koneng. In April 2018, gangneng Hebei Company began to set up a team to enter the market of Chengde, Hebei Province. In June, gangneng Hebei Company emerged as a new force and repeatedly won the gas supply list. As of December 2018, in just seven months, the daily gas consumption of the company has broken the 120000 square meter mark and won 100 mu of land for large projects, achieving double harvest in the promotion of point supply and marketing volume and large projects. At the same time, in 2018, gangneng Hebei company strictly controlled the sales collection node, realized that there was no bad debt in the company throughout the year by focusing on high-quality customers, urging accounts receivable, encouraging customers to prepay, etc., which provided a solid financial guarantee for the next year's major projects. Wei Wenjie, general manager, said on stage that they would "take honor as the starting point, turn honor as the driving force" to create a more brilliant future.
      Hong Kong Energy Lianyungang company has won the group's most potential award of the year. As a rising star of the group, gangneng Lianyungang company has made significant progress in major projects in just half a year. It has not only successfully established a joint venture company with Xuwei Petrochemical Industrial Park and new Austrian gas, providing 5 million square meters of daily gas consumption guarantee for Xuwei new area, but also successfully obtained hazardous chemicals business license, signed a number of strategic cooperation agreements with the government, and vigorously carried out LNG trade business It can be said that "high quality development comes first after development". Yu Xiaojun, general manager of Lianyungang Lianyungang company, said that Lianyungang company will continue to make great strides in 2019, invest in the construction of tank distribution center, natural valve station and gas filling station, carry out pipeline gas business, realize effective linkage of major projects, help CNOOC's south to North gas transportation project, and provide backup support for the group's procurement of overseas LNG resources. Lianyungang company strives to give full play to its maximum potential, catch up with it and become the shining pearl in the promotion of the group's major projects.
       Subsequently, 40 excellent employees were selected out of the group's 1200 employees, and 10 outstanding employees were elected out of the 40 outstanding employees after fierce competition. They abide by their duties, transcend themselves and pursue excellence. They are the cultivators of China natural gas group and practitioners of Hong Kong energy. Senior leaders of the group award them the annual employee excellence bonus.



       After a two-day meeting of management, the group put forward new goals for the targets of fy2019, and made practical implementation plans for the companies within the group to achieve this goal. The general managers of the group's natural gas sector, material and trade sector, and the group's large project companies took the stage to hold the responsibility claim ceremony.

      Subsequently, the group's internal staff brought wonderful performances, during which exciting lottery links were interspersed.
At 19:30 p.m., the host officially announced that the 2018 financial year summary meeting of China natural gas group was successfully concluded.
In fy2018, it is an important gateway in the development history of China Natural Gas Group (00931. HK). The Group actively responded to the slogan of "make a good blue sky defense war" put forward by the state, completed the first voyage of "south to North gas transportation", "sea to river" and Xingtai storage yard trial operation with CNOOC and other units; the first peak shaving reserve center landed in Hubei, and the first LNG filling station settled in Huanggang In the transformation of the industry left a strong mark.
The new year carries new hope and writes a new chapter. At present, the state is vigorously promoting the reform of oil and gas system. Relevant policies in the fields of storage and transportation system, long-distance pipeline network, urban gas distribution and distribution have been or will be issued, which is a challenge and opportunity for gas enterprises.
     "Dare to explore, dare to practice, innovate and develop, and dare to be the first". In the new financial year, I believe that Hong Kong talents will continue to complete the group's historic leap with the impetus of "be able to do, want to do, be able to take on, dare to take on", the attitude of "wait for no time, seize the day, be brave to set the tide", and their own endless wisdom and solid pace The boat of Hong Kong energy is bound to cut through the waves and open a new chapter!