Good news: Guangshui natural gas franchise successfully signed

2020-06-24 18:30 中国天然气集团

Morning of June 23, 2020
Guangshui housing and Construction Bureau and gangneng investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Held the agreement on the franchise right of natural gas for township pipeline in Guangshui
Signing ceremony


President Wang Guoliang attended the signing ceremony


      Wang Guoliang, executive president of China natural gas group, introduced the group's project situation and future five-year plan. Han Yunbo, director of Guangshui housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, said that he welcomed Hong Kong Energy Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. of China natural gas group to invest in Guangshui. The construction and operation of natural gas group in the next five years is a great protection for the environment, a great promotion for development and a great deal for the public Great well-being provides "green guarantee" for the economic construction of Guangshui city and the people's living and working in peace and contentment.

President Wang Guoliang signed a contract with director Han Yunbo


Director Han hoped that the group would speed up its construction and put into operation as soon as possible.

Successful signing
    President Wang Guoliang expressed his expectation and blessing for the Guangshui project: China Natural Gas Group Corporation and Guangshui housing and construction department will work together to deliver environmental protection and affordable "natural gas package" to the people of Guangshui and jointly build a green home in Guangshui city!

China National Natural Gas Group (CNG) has joined forces to promote China's "liquefied natural gas revolution". According to the objective law of the whole industrial chain and life cycle development of LNG, we will strive to build an intelligent integrated LNG service platform for online sales and offline distribution, and provide China's solutions for the formation of the national "one game" market pattern.