The foundation laying ceremony of Guangshui clean energy comprehensive utilization project achieved

2020-09-09 21:28 中国天然气集团

On the morning of August 28, 2020
China Gas Group Co., Ltd
Foundation laying ceremony of Guangshui natural gas clean energy comprehensive utilization project
Congratulations on the successful foundation laying ceremony of Guangshui LNG storage and distribution peak shaving center! The foundation laying ceremony of oil and gas mixing station in Yangzhai Town, Guangshui city is a complete success!! Yangzhai natural gas service center opened in Dazhai city!!!

Foundation laying ceremony


Speech by Mr. Jian Zhijian, chairman of China Natural Gas Corporation


Speech by Mr. Wang Guoliang, CEO of China Natural Gas Corporation


In line with the enterprise tenet of "governance of haze and improvement of environment", the customer service center of Yangzhai business hall of Guangshui clean energy project was opened grandly under the expectation of the public. The development concept of "serving the people's livelihood and guarding the fireworks of Guangshui citizens" of China National Natural Gas Group also brought hot popularity to the business hall, and a large number of people queued up to open accounts.

Ribbon cutting ceremony of service center opening ceremony


Residents waiting to open an account are not afraid of the scorching sun from indoors to outdoors


People in Yangzhai said: "through the early publicity of the government, we have learned about the safety, convenience and benefits of natural gas. When you get up in the morning, you have to queue up against the sun and use natural gas as soon as possible. " People's choice is to trust and support us. We will repay the people in Yangzhai with warm and thoughtful service.

Staff of service center open accounts for residents

"Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". The investment, construction and operation of Guangshui project marks that people and enterprises in towns and townships in Guangshui can use environmental protection, safety and affordable natural gas, which can not only build and maintain the green water and green mountains of Guangshui, but also bring huge economic benefits to the people of Guangshui. China National Natural Gas Group is willing to make its own contribution to the green energy field of Guangshui.

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