Good news! Good news! Chenxiang town natural gas customer service center opening ceremony a complete

2021-04-06 17:43 中国天然气集团


Celebration of China National Natural Gas Group
Guangshui Chenxiang town natural gas customer service center grand opening!!




(The picture shows the opening scene of Chenxiang natural gas service center)


In March, the spring is warm, and a natural gas service center, Chenxiang natural gas service center, has been opened in Guangshui project in Hubei Province.


(The picture shows Chenxiang natural gas service center queuing up orderly for loading)

The opening of Chenxiang natural gas service center has attracted the attention of the general public in Chenxiang town. The development concept of "serving the people's livelihood and protecting the fireworks of Guangshui citizens" of CNG has also brought hot popularity to the business hall, with an endless stream of people queuing to open accounts.


(The picture shows the opening ceremony of Chenxiang natural gas service center)


Chenxiang people's choice is to trust and support us. We will repay Chenxiang people with professional, honest, warm and considerate services to ensure that Chenxiang people and enterprises can use environmentally friendly, safe and affordable LNG clean energy.


(The picture shows the real scene of Chenxiang natural gas service center)


Control haze


improve environment

Energy conservation and emission reduction have a special sense of sacredness and mission. The government work report of the two sessions in 2021 pointed out that "we should do a solid job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization, optimize the industrial structure and energy structure, promote the efficient use of clean energy, and vigorously develop new energy.". China National Natural Gas Group has always been following the pace of the country, actively responding to the strategic policy of promoting gas to the countryside in the No.1 document of the central government in 2021, and continuing to struggle and forge ahead on the road of promoting the construction and development of "beautiful villages and towns, green first". At the same time, CNG will always adhere to the purpose of "governance of haze and improvement of the environment", make due contributions to the global response to climate change with practical actions, and contribute to the environmental protection development of Chenxiang town and the improvement of residents' quality of life.



China National Natural Gas Group is a Hong Kong listed company, with the stock code of 00931, aiming at "controlling haze and improving environment" and exploring the application of green and clean energy liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the mainland. The group has formed a "six in one" terminal business system including industrial gasification station, Dewar bottle filling station, vehicle and ship gas filling station, central heating and distributed energy, peak shaving reserve and regional gas pipeline network, providing a package of gas promotion and utilization solutions for various regions in China from industrial and commercial, civil and transportation fields. At the same time, supporting the construction of LNG gas source facilities and material trading system to provide LNG supply guarantee for terminal supply business. Finally, we will build a comprehensive platform for LNG online supply and demand docking and trading, payment and settlement, and financial services, so as to promote China's natural gas utilization and contribute to environmental protection through online and offline mutual support. China Natural Gas Group (hk00931) shares (Shenzhen Hong Kong Link), investors can pay attention to and buy.