Hand in hand to fight against the disaster, rush to help Henan

2021-07-31 17:21 中国天然气集团
Hand in hand to fight against the disaster, rush to help Henan
       Since July 20, Henan has experienced extreme heavy rainfall, which is rare in history. Heavy rains or heavy rains have occurred in most areas, and waterlogging and mountain flood disasters have occurred in many areas. Zhengzhou, Anyang, Xinxiang and other places were hit by catastrophic floods. Road sections were flooded, people were trapped, and traffic was blocked. The disaster in Henan affected the hearts of the people across the country.
As Henan’s post-disaster reconstruction continues, gas consumption in various regions has gradually increased. Due to water in some road areas and collapse of road sections, the distribution of LNG resources in other places has been blocked. Henan Petroleum's Zhengzhou, Anyang and Shangqiu branches are facing challenges in ensuring the supply of gas resources.
       "The disaster is the order, and the guarantee of the supply reflects the responsibility." After proactively learning about the disaster, the Jiangsu Branch of Clean Energy reported to the Clean Energy Headquarters as soon as possible. Due to the low inventory at the Tianjin Nangang receiving station, the Headquarters promptly sought help from the Natural Gas Branch to obtain natural gas. The company's North China Sales Center strongly supports. In the case of insufficient resources in Tianjin Nangang, the North China Sales Center immediately communicated and coordinated with the State Grid Tianjin receiving station, and immediately allocated 4 vehicles of the State Grid Tianjin receiving station resources to fully support clean energy to ensure the supply of Henan oil.
After obtaining resource support from the North China Sales Center, Clean Energy Jiangsu Branch quickly contacted Shijiazhuang Shengran Company to obtain support for delivery vehicles. In light of the actual situation, the Henan Petroleum Zhengzhou Yingke North Road Station, Anyang Guojiazhuang Station and Shangqiu Yongcheng Station ensured the supply and distribution tasks.
       On the evening of July 29th, Shengran Company overcame the adverse weather effects caused by the typhoon "Fireworks" and successively installed 4 vehicles of Tianjin LNG from the State Grid and sent them to Henan smoothly. As State Grid Tianjin Resources and Zhengzhou and Shangqiu Petroleum Gas Stations are not within the scope of the petrochemical direct supply business, the North China Sales Center also opened a "green channel" to give preferential support to the petrochemical direct supply and distribution business.
       On the evening of July 30, after hundreds of kilometers of rushing, the guaranteed vehicles arrived at Henan Petroleum Zhengzhou North Yingke Road Station, Anyang Guojiazhuang Station and Shangqiu Yongcheng Station. So far, Talent North China, Clean Energy, and Shijiazhuang Shengran have joined hands to complete Henan Petroleum’s thousands of miles of assistance to guarantee the supply. The first battle has been won, and the family friendship of Petrochemical has spread in the land of Yuzhou!
△The picture shows the guaranteed vehicle arrives at Zhengzhou North Yingke Road Station
△The picture shows the guaranteed vehicle arrives at Shangqiu Yongcheng Station
△The picture shows the guaranteed vehicle arrives at Anyang Guojiazhuang Station
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