The warm sun shines in winter, and the good news of China's natural gas!

2023-01-09 13:14 中国天然气集团

      On January 6, the interconnection project of LNG storage, distribution and peak shaving center in southeast Hubei of China National Gas Corporation and natural gas pipeline in Hubei Province was completed today. Yang Ping an, Deputy Director of the District People's Congress, attended and unveiled the plaque.


      At the opening ceremony, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the District People's Congress, the Municipal Public Utilities Development Center, the District Committee Office, etc. cut the ribbon for the project. Later, Yang Ping An unveiled Hubei Gangsheng Natural Gas Co., Ltd. and the Huanggang Booster Station of China National Gas Corporation.

    Under the general environment of stricter air pollution control and intensive implementation of new policies for energy system reform, the operation of the project not only solidly guarantees the peak shaving gas demand in Huanggang and the gas demand in the terminal market, but also becomes the "stabilizer" and "ballast" of natural gas supply in winter in our city and even in South China. At the same time, it will also provide a demonstration for the city's carbon peak, carbon neutral and low-carbon economic development, further promoting the upgrading of the city's clean energy utilization industry, Boost green development of local economy.

      Mao Yixue, chairman of Hubei Energy Group Edong Natural Gas Co., Ltd., pointed out that the original energy structure of the whole Edong part was mainly Sinopec and PetroChina. Now, we are faced with a daily supply of nearly 500000 m3 of LNG when putting LNG into production. Therefore, our national pipeline network can ensure that our LNG projects in eastern Hubei, even from the province or even the whole country, are the key projects introduced by Chen Celou Town. At the same time, it is also a key construction project of Hubei Gangsheng Natural Gas Co., Ltd., which is based on the existing natural gas storage and distribution in southeast Hubei, conforms to the trend of clean energy and the construction of the national natural gas supply, marketing and storage system, and strengthens the construction of gas storage and peak shaving capacity. It mainly includes natural gas supply service, logistics transportation and terminal equipment production and development. After more than one year of construction, the successful completion of the project marks the official operation of the project.

      Later, Wang Guoliang, CEO of China National Gas Corporation, also made an important speech. The construction of this project has greatly promoted the application of natural gas and the development of clean energy. At the same time, it plays a decisive role in reducing the cost of production enterprises, ensuring the gas supply and supply for residents and industrial enterprises in and around Huanggang.
      It is understood that the project that runs through today is the only one in the province that reverses transmission with the provincial natural gas main network through LNG high-pressure gasification. The new model takes the LNG storage, distribution and peak shaving central tank in southeastern Hubei as the starting point of the gas source. After high-pressure gasification, it is transmitted to the booster station through pipeline, and finally enters the main network of Hubei Natural Gas Company through secondary pressure boosting, so as to realize the interconnection of the natural gas pipeline network and achieve the sharing of LNG resources, Ensure the supply of people's livelihood and industrial gas demand in Huanggang and surrounding areas.