The future has come, stride into the 3.0 era! Group mid year meeting summary

2019-12-12 17:37 中国天然气集团
       On August 2, the three-day 2018 mid year meeting of China Natural Gas Group (hk00931) officially opened in Lu'an, Anhui Province.
       More than 100 people attended the meeting, including Dr. Jian Zhijian, chairman of China natural gas group, leaders of the company, management of the group and general managers of subsidiaries in all regions of the country.
Leaders of the company presided over the meeting and made opening keynote speech. Vice President Chen pointed out: "unite and gather strength, work hard to create the future. All employees of the group need to clarify their responsibilities and objectives, unify their thoughts and actions, and devote themselves to the development and operation of the whole natural gas industry chain business, so that the group can develop steadily and rapidly. "
At the same time, leaders of the company analyzed the current situation of the group's construction of the "three in one" natural gas industry chain: "upstream, i.e. natural gas source. The Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CNOOC, first of all, the gas source has been effectively guaranteed. Based on the strong supply guarantee capacity, the whole company strives to develop midstream and downstream businesses. At present, it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of government units on natural gas supply, which guarantees the local demand and supply of natural gas; midstream, that is, the transportation and storage of natural gas. At present, the group has more than 200 tank cars and more than 1200 tanks. It has successively built material trade bases in North China, Northwest China, East China and South China. The midstream industry is large and complete, and its distribution and storage capacity ranks first in the industry. The downstream, that is, the natural gas terminal. At present, more and more customers are in-depth cooperation with the group, so it seems that the terminal layout has a far-reaching impact, and the member companies of the group need to make more efforts to promote the development of the terminal market. " At the same time, vice chairman Chen predicted the market in the second half of the year and winter. He hoped that the group would make plans for the south to North gas transfer and storage, and concentrate its efforts on this year's winter gas supply situation.
Finally, the leaders of the company made a new expectation of 16 words for the whole natural gas industry chain of the development group: "picking up the leftovers and making up the deficiencies, filling in the gaps and making up the deficiencies, giving full play to the advantages and misplacing the development."
From February 2 to 3, the mid year meeting was held in the form of group discussions in three major regions, namely, Southwest China, East China and North China, which were summarized, reported and discussed respectively. The chairman and vice chairman of the group respectively attend the meeting at each venue and review and discuss the meeting contents.
In the North China regional grouping meeting, the directors of Hebei Gangzhong, Jinzhou Dezhong, Qingdao Aobo, Shandong Gangcheng, Hebei gangneng, Hebei GANGSHUN, Beijing gangneng, Henan gangyun, Hebei Gangsheng, Shandong gangneng, Hebei gangrui, Shijiazhuang shengran, gangneng (Tianjin), gangneng (Tianjin) trade e-commerce, ganghui Hebei and other subsidiaries in North China region made a review of the first half of 2018 Let's report. Hebei Xingtai gangneng group and other new forces have momentum and vitality, which has injected fresh blood into the family of gangneng; Shandong gangneng group has readjusted its projects and teams in a short time and is ready to go.
In the group meeting of East China region, the directors of subsidiaries in East China region such as Xuzhou gangneng, Jiangsu gangyida, Jiangsu Sugang, gangneng Anqing, Anhui Ganghai, Gangqiang natural gas, Zhejiang Gangsheng, Ningbo ganglin, ganghong Wuxi, Zhejiang gangneng and gangneng Lu'an summarized the operation in the first half of 2018. Xuzhou gangneng mainly reported the reserve center project of Tongshan high tech Zone in Xuzhou: the total reserve scale is planned to be 10000m3, 2000m3 LNG storage tank and 200 LNG container yards will be built to realize the natural gas consumption of Tongshan zone in Xuzhou in three natural days; Lu'an gangneng mainly reported the project of "gasification town": with the authorization of Yu'an district government, Lu'an gangneng signed gas franchise with the Bureau of housing and urban rural development The agreement obtained the franchise right of the gas pipeline in the villages and towns of Yu'an district. At present, the gasification project of Fenlukou town and Guzhen Town has been launched. It is expected that gas supply will be realized at the beginning of 2019. At that time, the daily gas consumption of each town will reach 20000-40000 m3 / day, and the daily gas consumption of all 13 towns will reach about 400000 m3 / day.
In the group meeting of South China, the heads of subsidiaries in the central and southwest regions, such as Hubei GANGSHUN, Jiangxi ganghao, Shaanxi Gangtong, gangneng Hubei, Hunan gangneng, gangneng Shenzhen, Sichuan gangneng, gangneng Fujian, Yadong Honghua, Shaanxi trade department, Shaanxi gangneng logistics, gangzong trade, Shanghai gangneng finance department and human resources department, reported on the operation in the first half of 2018.
In the following plenary session, Liu Ligang, executive deputy general manager of gangneng natural gas, Wang Dongliang, deputy general manager, Tan Qisheng, Du Yue, general manager of gangzong trade, Ge Kai, Zheng Fuhe, Chen Shun, deputy general managers, representatives of East China group, North China group, and southwest China Group of the group respectively discussed the development of natural gas industry, progress and development of engineering projects, and market changes Make a summary speech on the issues of industrialization and demand, and report on the three-year development plan and medium and long-term development goals. Kang min, group chief financial officer, made a summary report on the financial operation and capital situation of the group in the first half of 2018. Ge Kai, deputy general manager of port vertical trade, focused on the development plan of tank and container business: Using LNG tank as the winter supply guarantee in 2018 to enter the market, forming a new industrial chain of LNG Industry -- integrating LNG supplier resources across the country, reducing storage, logistics and other costs; building a user direct supply model, constantly providing users with the most advanced LNG supply and Storage assurance solutions and services. Geng Erjun, Ministry of trade, reported the LNG trade market situation in the first half of the year: the liquid source needs the overall coordination of air sea and northwest gas, the integration of terminal resources, and the stability of prices in order to develop the terminal market and expand the gas consumption; secondly, the container advantage is used to fine tune the market price.
The chairman of the group, Dr. Jian Zhijian, made an important speech at the end. First of all, chairman Jane summarized and analyzed the development of the group since its establishment, pointed out the development direction and work problems; second, chairman Jane pointed out that the natural gas industry market prospect is good, the competition is fierce, all the colleagues of the group need to work together to overcome difficulties, continue to deepen the market, and stride forward to promote the group into the 3.0 era of the whole industrial chain development of natural gas upstream, middle and downstream; most Later, he said that he was very happy to have fresh blood continuously injected into the family of China natural gas group. The development of the group can not be separated from the simultaneous improvement of employees' personal ability and the company's business. Coordinating the company's development and the breakthrough of personal working ability will inevitably bring a sound cycle of the company's development, and the efforts will eventually pay off, and the future has come.
At the end of the meeting, the group launched an all staff initiative on "energy conservation and emission reduction, you and me", and held an environmental protection wall signing activity. So far, the mid-2018 meeting of China Natural Gas Group has been successfully concluded.

General secretary Xi Jinping said that "green water and green hills are Jinshan Yinshan", emphasizing the coordinated development of resource utilization and environmental protection. As a volunteer of environmental protection and a practitioner of beautiful China, China Natural Gas Group (hk00931) has been committed to promoting clean energy utilization projects such as "coal to gas" and "gasification village" in line with the service tenet of "improving the environment and controlling haze". The use of clean energy such as natural gas can promote rational utilization of resources, prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage, promote environmental protection, and realize the concept of sustainable development of coexistence of environment and human beings.
To win the blue sky defense war, we can't rely on one enterprise or one industry alone. We need the whole industry and the whole society to work together. As a competent person in Hong Kong, we call on everyone to take good care of the environment and improve environmental awareness: make rational use of natural resources, put garbage in different categories, use less disposable goods, realize the recycling and sustainable use of resources; live a low-carbon life, be thrifty and thrifty, travel green, love green and protect green, be merciful, stay green at all times, and protect the ecological balance; cherish resources, protect the water environment, and be thrifty Water resources; relying on scientific and technological progress, energy conservation and emission reduction, and energy recycling. Let clean energy really penetrate into our life, let green clean energy power become the base color of a better life!