Members of the Standing Committee of Chongchuan District Committee and Zhao Yufeng, executive vice d

2019-12-12 17:36 中国天然气集团


     At the beginning of autumn, the delegation led by the Standing Committee of Chongchuan District Committee of Nantong City, Zhao Yufeng, Zhao Yufeng, and Jiang Yongliang, director of Chongchuan District Development and Reform Commission, had friendly and in-depth exchanges with the group chairman, Dr. Jian Zhijian and other leaders.
      Chongchuan District government leaders said that China National Natural Gas Group (HK00931) is a listed enterprise group in Hongkong. It has a very high reputation in the natural gas energy sector. In recent years, the group has achieved remarkable results in developing the natural gas application market in China. At the same time, the group is also developing financial leasing, securities, investment funds and other financial businesses. Big data application business is developing rapidly and has broad prospects. At the same time, we appreciate the pioneering spirit of the group in the development of the whole natural gas industry chain and attach great importance to cooperation with the group.
      Nantong, one of China's first 14 coastal cities open to the outside world, conflicts with the most developed Yangtze River Delta in China, reaches the Yellow Sea in the East, looks at the Yangtze River in the south, faces Shanghai and Suzhou across the river, and is known as "North Shanghai". Chongchuan, as the central city of Nantong, is the political, economic and cultural center of Nantong. It has a good reputation of "Chongchuan paradise" since ancient times. The famous Chongchuan Science Park is also the national high-tech entrepreneurship service center.
       In fact, China Natural Gas Group has a long relationship with Nantong. At the end of June 2018, Wu Xu, vice chairman of Nantong CPPCC and Secretary of Chongchuan District Committee, went to Hong Kong to have friendly exchanges with group leaders; on July 13, director of Chongchuan District Development and Reform Commission made a special trip to Shanghai to have in-depth exchanges with leaders of the company.
      At the meeting, both sides hoped to cooperate in developing natural gas marketing application business, work together to build high-tech industrial fund, cooperate in financing lease, cooperate and carry out Internet + big data value-added service business. In addition, Chongchuan District government welcomes the group's establishment of headquarters building and development of headquarters economy in Nantong. They will provide supporting preferential policies in land supply, office buildings, talent apartments, tax incentives and other aspects to provide comprehensive and high-quality services for the group's development in Nantong.
After the meeting, leaders of Chongchuan District government sincerely invited group leaders such as chairman Jane and vice chairman Chen to visit Nantong as soon as possible to exchange project cooperation matters with leaders of Chongchuan District of Nantong City and promote comprehensive cooperation.