Koneng headlines group was invited to Lianyungang for investigation and exchange

2019-12-12 17:34 中国天然气集团
On August 15, 2018, at the invitation of Lianyungang Municipal People's government, leaders of the company visited Lianyungang. At the same time, the two sides held a forum to conduct extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on the development of LNG industry and future investment.
Participants: Yin zheqiang, deputy mayor of Lianyungang Municipal government, Wang Youjun, Deputy Secretary General of Lianyungang Municipal government, sun Zhiwei, director of Urban Construction Bureau, Jiang Xingzhou, deputy director of Xuwei New Area Management Committee, Yin Xianglun, deputy director of the municipal development and Reform Commission, Xie fangbao, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Zhang Yongbo, deputy general manager of the municipal port holding group, Pei, general manager of the Group Shanghai gangneng Energy Co., Ltd Min, Du Yue, general manager of gangzong Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Ge Kai, deputy general manager, Tan Jianming, general manager of Jiangsu gangyida Energy Co., Ltd., Chen Junqin, general manager of gangneng energy (anqing) Co., Ltd., Yu Xiaojun, general manager of ganghong natural gas Wuxi Co., Ltd., etc.
The discussion was in-depth and fruitful. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on LNG tank distribution center, LNG clean energy supply center and "gasification village" and other businesses. Lianyungang Municipal People's government expressed its willingness to actively cooperate with the group and support the project to take root in the local area. At the same time, it will assign government specialists to connect with us and implement the business of LNG tank distribution center location, container terminal loading and unloading, and "gasification village" first.
Adhering to the concept of "harmonious development, mutual benefit and win-win", the group hopes to make use of its own advantages in the field of natural gas, strengthen cooperation with Lianyungang in clean energy utilization and other aspects, and contribute to Lianyungang's winter supply guarantee, win the "blue sky defense war" and clean energy utilization!